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How your brand can capture its full potential globally

A report with original research into the behavior of cross-border consumers and tips on what your fashion brand needs to do to tap into international markets and boost sales.

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Cross-border B2C ecommerce is expected to reach US $4.82 trillion in 2026. How can your fashion and lifestyle brand take the full share of that growth? Read the report to find out.

Consumers' buying habits and expectations are changing

Customers are increasingly buying online and from foreign countries. Western Europe's ecommerce alone grew 2.5 times faster in 2020 than in 2019. Shoppers also seek meaningful experiences and demand authenticity from the brands.

Find out more on what consumers expect from brands in the full report.

Know your consumers and target markets

Customer behavior differs based on demographics, countries and cultures, and brands need to understand their entire customer base to sell to them. However, it is the younger generations that are defining what consumers want from brands.

Read more on the needs of Gen Z in our report.

The consumer journey spans multiple channels

Shoppers in the UK usually interact with a brand three times before buying, and in the case of younger consumers, it’s four times. The top three channels for fashion purchases are: direct from a brand’s website, marketplaces and social media.

For more on the key buying channels for everyday and luxury fashion items, read the full report.

Sustainability is taking center stage

Fashion brands that take environmental concerns seriously have a higher chance to increase their fanbase. However, consumers are skeptical toward brands’ sustainability claims and often perceive them as greenwashing.

See the full report for more details on how to focus on sustainability and gain consumers’ trust.


The Metaverse isn’t here, but it’s real for consumers

In the light of the Metaverse's perceived importance in fashion, we looked at attitudes toward it. In the digital world, shoppers demand more immersive experiences that mimic in-person experiences.

Get the full report to learn how to gain consumer trust by focusing on sustainability.


The economic crisis will impact consumers’ spending and loyalty

83% of UK shoppers declared they would consider every purchase more carefully. Meanwhile, 69% said they were spending less on unnecessary items.

Read the full report to discover how the cost-of-living crisis affected consumers’ shopping attitudes.


The product is the king, but it’s not enough

When choosing to buy from a fashion brand, consumers want a brand that’s authentic and relevant to their life and values.

See the full report to learn what makes shoppers buy from your fashion brand.


Your priorities in 2022 and beyond

Identify countries with high cross-border demand to determine whether you are maximizing your opportunities. Make sure the Gen Z customer is at the top of your priority list.

Read the full report to get more details on the action plan.