The ecommerce platform tailored to eyewear brands

Sell eyewear on a platform that truly gets it. Create bespoke storefronts that showcase your brand's character, and scale your brand globally with one back end.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that switched to Centra

Quickly launch your stores in new markets.

Use multi-market features to sell your eyewear worldwide

Run multiple eyewear stores with ease from a single back end and with little admin effort. Build multiple front ends or duplicate themes to target different markets with different offers.

Manage your complex products in a better way

Centra easily deals with the specificity of eyewear products: colors, sizes, styles, variants, SKUs, and prices. No need for extra apps and integrations. Control product data globally or locally for multiple stores.

Maximize revenue with omnichannel presence

Promote your eyewear products on key marketplaces, social media, DTC and wholesale channels, and beyond, and process orders from one platform. Use Centra’s open APIs for smooth experiences by connecting all touchpoints – web pages, in-store displays, chatbots, mobile apps, cash registers, AR and VR devices.

Optimize checkouts and price lists for global customers

Tailor the checkout to individual customers by providing local payment options, delivery options, and pricing based on their location. Use separate price lists for each region or currency. Increase conversions by offering PSPs your customers like and trust. Ensure fallbacks when your PSP stops working.

Sell your original eyewear easier with a flexible platform.

Build the perfect eyewear store with complete design freedom

Get creative to craft a storefront that shows off your brand's identity and aesthetic. Ensure a consistent and visually pleasing shopping experience. Make your products stand out and keep your customers coming back.

Sell more with currencies and payment methods customers like

Drive conversion by selling eyewear and accessories in over 100 different currencies worldwide. Improve the buying experience with local payment options customers know and trust. Save money and achieve best auth rates with local PSP agreements.

Offer on‑brand experiences on every touchpoint

Centra allows you to add plugins, third-party apps and integrations, from chats through checkout and delivery services, while keeping on-brand experiences across your entire store.

Benefit from a platform built to handle high traffic and order volumes

Enhance the performance and scalability of your eyewear store with a headless back end. Handle a high volume of transactions during Black Friday and seasonal sales, drops and campaigns, without any issues.

Making composable commerce work for you.

Quickly get new products to market and release new features. Choose best-in-class components to build a perfect headless stack that best suits your brand.

Expand your store’s functionalities

Connect Centra with payment service providers and order management, enterprise resource planning systems, and content management platforms to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Stay ahead of the competition

Design your ecommerce stack and access tools that let you meet your specific goals. Manage complex fashion and lifestyle products conveniently to better serve customers.

Prepare for future market demands

Centra’s cloud-based headless architecture and extensibility make it easy to upgrade your store, replace integrations when needed and stick to features you really use, allowing for adapting to changing customers’ expectations.

Integration partners.

Centra integrates with the latest (and greatest) technology that will help grow your business and cater to your customers’ needs.



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