The composable commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle

Launch new products and features fast. Build a headless ecommerce stack using best-of-breed integrations and offer your customers a memorable shopping experience.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that switched to Centra

Create on-brand shopping experiences

Centra enables complete design freedom to better reflect the character of your fashion brand. You can customize your storefronts to build a truly unique on-brand experience. No more generic functionalities and cookie-cutter templates.

Decrease time-to-market

Release new features faster using ready-to-integrate components without worrying about maintenance and code-breaking updates. Thanks to Centra’s composable architecture, you can change single components without affecting other parts of the stack.

Scale your fashion brand globally

With Centra, your fashion and lifestyle brand gains the flexibility to tailor the store experience to the customers’ needs – wherever they are. Scale the business internationally with localized content, currencies and payment methods.

Composable architecture

The business advantages of a composable platform.

Expand your store’s functionalities

Connect Centra with payment service providers and order management, enterprise resource planning systems, and content management platforms to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Stay ahead of the competition

Design your ecommerce stack and access tools that let you meet your specific goals. Manage complex fashion and lifestyle products conveniently to better serve customers.

Prepare for future market demands

Centra’s cloud-based headless architecture and extensibility make it easy to upgrade your store. Replace integrations when needed and stick to features you really use, allowing for adapting to changing customers’ expectations.

Centra’s approach to composable ecommerce.

Cloud architecture

Centra is a versionless platform. Updates are delivered without any downtime or interruptions to your store’s operation. You can scale each service separately without affecting other components of the stack.


Choose best-in-class tools and services, and connect them to third-party applications for seamless integration without compatibility issues.

Omnichannel capabilities

Connect all channels and provide seamless experiences across touchpoints, from marketplaces, and socials, to brick-and-mortar.

Operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency and save money with a modular commerce platform that helps you shorten development cycles and reduce cross-team dependency.

Faster innovation

Take advantage of Centra’s flexibility to innovate your store without additional work on the back end. Create and try new solutions that bring great shopping experiences.

GraphQL for simplified front‑end development

Customize your store freely and improve your mobile app performance. With GraphQL, developers can quickly deliver content to any touchpoint.