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The ecommerce platform that suits menswear brands

Choose the ecommerce platform built to power menswear sales. Deliver a seamless, localized customer experience from one back end.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of menswear brands that switched to Centra

Enter new markets in days.

Design a unique menswear store

Don’t compromise your brand’s character to fit into a template. Build your store with complete design freedom from storefront to checkout.

Headless by design, Centra allows you to use any front-end technology, CMS and integrations to help you build your vision.

Grow your global sales with Centra’s multi-market features

Operate multiple menswear stores efficiently by using a single back- end system. Set up separate product catalogs and content for each store, and use duplicate themes to tailor your marketing to different markets. Minimize administrative work and focus on growing your business.

Sell menswear with localized checkouts and price lists

Design and implement a checkout system with local payment methods, delivery options, and pricing that varies based on the customer's location. Utilize separate price lists for different markets or currencies, and route transactions to the best payment service provider (PSP) based on the customer’'s location to optimize conversion rates.

Supercharge your omnichannel strategy

Meet your customer needs and sell beyond the limits of channels. With Centra’s open APIs you can freely integrate and expand your commerce ecosystem across DTC, wholesale, marketplaces, physical stores and social media.

Global presence with one back end.

Sell menswear like a pro

Centra is designed to handle menswear products: SKUs, sizes, colors, variants, prices , no extra integrations or apps are required. Deliver an on-brand, seamless customer experience worldwide from one back end.

Centra’s advanced PIM is built to natively handle simple and configurable products, bundles, gift certificates and discounts.

Global reach, localized experience

Serve a localized experience to an international audience from a single back end. You can have it all – markets, currencies, languages, prices, shipping, warehouses, payments and taxes.

Focus on growing conversion rates instead of wasting time on administration and copy-pasting content.

Cross‑border payments, shipment and currencies

Expand your market reach by offering your products for sale in over 100 local currencies.

Tap into new markets and increase conversion rates.

Enhance the shopping experience by localizing payment options.

Work with local payment service providers (PSP) to secure the best authorization rates and minimize costs.

Get a scalable website that performs

Centra offers ultrafast load times all year round with no exceptions. High scalability ensures 99.9% uptime, so you don’t have to worry about losing sales during Black Friday, seasonal sales, limited collection drops or campaigns.

Data‑driven menswear sales

Get a real-time overview of all important data. Follow sales, stock levels, and demand with your personalized dashboard. Perform a multidimensional analysis of historical data.

User-friendly visualizations will help you keep track of your progress, learn more about visitors, transactions and store performance.

Manage international taxes

Efficiently manage taxes and offer transparent pricing to increase sales.

Validate and calculate European Union Value-Added Tax (VAT) and United States sales tax, taking into account the origin state, destination state, and hybrid state tax laws.

Unlock the benefits of composable commerce.

Launch new products and features quickly.
Build a headless ecommerce tech stack using best-of-breed integrations, and offer your customers the shopping experience they expect.

Create on-brand shopping experiences

Centra enables complete design freedom to better reflect the character of your fashion brand. You can customize your storefronts to build a truly unique on-brand experience. No more generic functionalities and cookie-cutter templates.

Decrease time-to-market

Release new features faster with ready-to-integrate components without worrying about maintenance and code-breaking updates. Thanks to Centra’s composable architecture, you can change single components without affecting other parts of the stack.

Faster innovation

Take advantage of Centra’s flexibility to innovate your store without additional work on the back end. Create and try new solutions that bring great shopping experiences.

Integration partners.

Centra integrates with the latest (and greatest) technology that will help grow your business and cater to your customers’ needs



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