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Maya Delorez’s galloping success requires a scalable ecommerce platform

Maya Delorez is a Swedish brand that designs a complete range of high-quality, stylish, and highly functional clothes for equestrians. After taking the industry by storm, they switched to a new, more scalable ecommerce platform.

Maya Delorez is a Swedish brand that makes functional and stylish equestrian wear. When launching the company in 2017, Madelene Törnblom wanted to challenge the traditional ways of manufacturing riding clothes and better meet equestrians' needs. She brought innovation to design, product development, and availability. The brand quickly gained a following of active riders and has been worn during the Olympics and other important events.

Just a few years in the making, Maya Delorez is the world’s largest and most innovative equestrian brand, with over 100M SEK of annual revenue and an active presence in over 70 countries. The brand’s products are sold exclusively through their own website to maintain control over the customer experience and maintain high quality at good prices.

Facing technology-driven limitations 

The brand’s immense growth and international expansion quickly revealed the shortcomings of their previous ecommerce platform. Maya Delorez’s original WooCommerce setup was easy to use at first but did not stick the landing when push came to shove. The team was forced to create a separate storefront for each market to manage their international presence – different languages, VAT rates, and tax rules. 

Developing the platform while still reaching new countries and increasing sales was a challenge. Rather than focusing on delivering a great customer experience and creating new features, their attention was consumed by plugin development dead ends and plugin conflicts. After a significant investment of time and money into the platform’s development, it became overly complicated and hard to manage. At the same time, they still lacked localization and fashion features, and struggled with poor performance. 

At this point, Maya Delorez was ready to invest in a flexible and highly scalable platform as well as a website refresh.

A tech overhaul

With the determination to maintain momentum and continue serving customers at a high level, Maya Delorez made the bold decision to completely overhaul their website. In collaboration with Centra and implementation partner NoA Ignite, the team successfully built a store that reflects the technical innovation of their product range.

Centra delivered complete freedom in designing and selecting the front-end technology, freeing Maya Delorez from templates and CMS vendor lock-in. NoA Ignite took full advantage of the opportunity and created a website that reflects the brand’s character and values from the storefront to the checkout. With the front end decoupled from the back end, the Maya Delorez team can now make changes to the platform and test them quickly and confidently – without having to re-architect the entire system.

Together with Centra and NoA Ignite, we’ve managed to build a site that represents Maya Delorez 2.0 and can now reach the same level of technical innovation in our digital channels that we feel we already have in our product range.

Founder and CEO of Maya Delorez

Centra ensured a seamless shopping experience for the brand’s customers and an improved workflow for the admin team. Previously, using a separate storefront for each market was a complex process that involved a lot of repetitive administrative work. This negatively impacted both customer experience and internal operations, and it seriously hindered Maya Delorez’s global ambitions. 

With Centra, all market data is centralized, eliminating the need for multiple uploads per product and administrative overhead. The platform’s built-in centralized and lightweight PIM helps collect, enrich, update, and distribute product data automatically across all channels. In addition, they can now conveniently manage multiple markets through a single back-end platform. 

Centra was able to save a lot of time and headaches related to managing cross-border commerce out of the box, with: 

  • Automatic content localization

  • Localized Google view

  • Language and currency settings flexibility

  • Localized checkout and PSPs

  • Unlimited market customization possibilities

  • Separate VAT rates and tax rules for each market

  • Per-market inventory data

  • International shipping and tracking fulfillment

  • Multiple warehouses

  • Localized size charts 

  • Unlimited storefronts 

  • Separate price lists per territory or currency

  • Personalized discounts and promotions for different countries

  • 360-degree customer view

By transitioning to Centra, Maya Delores gained a flexible and scalable headless platform with native fashion-centric features and more robust support for localization. Now, Maya Delorez is now able to reach their international potential at a lower cost and time investment, and their products can be displayed accordingly to the needs of each market.

Improved conversion, performance, and increased revenue

The switch to Centra and a complete redesign of their storefront led to a unified and coherent brand experience across all Maya Delorez’s customer touchpoints. As a result, Maya Delorez has significantly simplified the shopping experience for their customers and their own internal processes – increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Among many other achievements, they were able to:

  • Redesign their store 

  • Maintain its rapid pace of growth 

  • Increase their DTC revenue by growing conversion and widening reach

  • Improve page speed

  • Manage high traffic, seasonal spikes, and Black Friday

  • Not worry about upgrades with Centra biweekly automatic updates

  • Integrate top-notch solutions

  • Advance their marketing efforts

Maya Delorez's current ecommerce tech stack on Centra:

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Ecommerce platformCentra
AgencyNoA Ignite
Front end technologyReact
Storefront frameworkNext.js
Content management systemWordPress 
Content delivery networkCloudflare
Emails and newsletterKlaviyo, Rule
Marketing automation and personalizationKlavio, Voyado
Localized deliveriesIngrid
Localized paymentsAdyen, Klarna

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