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STAND STUDIO's international returns shift into high gear

STAND STUDIO is a contemporary Swedish fashion brand. Since the brand’s creation in 2014, they used leather and faux fur to design clothing articles with a feminine, classy, effortless aura, Scandinavian clarity and simplicity.

STAND STUDIO's international development quickly followed, but returns management became a new challenge.

International return handling was slowing down the growth

Stand Studio's return process used to be fully manual, with pre-printed return labels and paper forms. The brand could not collect feedback on returns properly, even though they were avidly looking at taking action to reduce returns and improve customer experience to grow the brand.

The lack of return data was not the only challenge the brand was facing. For non-EU countries, like the UK, Stand Studio also needed to send a commercial to make sure the customer would not pay customs on their return.

In this case, the customer had to email support and customer service would have to generate both a return label and a commercial invoice manually. This meant precious time was lost on very basic manual tasks, time which could have been used for more added-value tasks.

The process was handled very manually by our customer care team. All of our return labels were created manually through the DHL website, which was very time-consuming, especially during peak season. We also did not have a good tool to use when analyzing our return data.

Ecommerce coordinator @ STAND STUDIO

With Centra as an ecommerce platform, the brand had set up the ground to go international, selling in different currencies and having a different front end per market.

But as return operations were not lean, international growth started to get affected. Customer service was spending way too much time handling returns, and customers were dissatisfied. A return management software that could automate return management, including customs invoices, was required.

A cutting-edge return platform to grow the business

With yayloh, STAND STUDIO was able to save hours by automating the return process and reducing emails to customer support.

We were looking for a return management tool that could help make the return process much more efficient for both the customer and our staff. Yayloh ticked all of our boxes it is very easy to work with and is constantly developing new features that are helpful for us when handling returns.

Ecommerce coordinator @ STAND STUDIO

Unlike the manual forms used previously, the customer now fills out a digital return form, which gives all the information to yayloh. It allows the sending of emails, including the return label and customs invoice. That way, the STAND STUDIO team is informed while keeping the effort to the minimum, and they process international returns three times faster.

Customs invoices are needed for UK returns. Creating these invoices was also something we previously did manually, which was both time-consuming for us, and for the UK customer who had to reach out to us when they wanted to return something. Through yayloh, our custom invoices are now created automatically when the customer registers their return which has helped make both the return process and customer experience a lot better.

Ecommerce coordinator @ STAND STUDIO

To build trust with customers, keeping them updated on return and refund status is also important. In the case of international returns, especially as the process usually takes longer time, customers would get worried and call customer support to ask about the status. With yayloh, they now have all of this information at a click of a button and feel safe to place a new order.

A more efficient return process equals time saved but also a much much better customer experience.

Ecommerce coordinator @ STAND STUDIO


With their new return platform, STAND STUDIO experienced:

  • 50% less customer service tickets related to returns

  • International returns processed 3 times faster

  • The possibility to expand to new markets without any friction related to returns

STAND STUDIO's current e-commerce tech-stack on Centra:

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E-commerce platformCentra
Front-end FrameworkNext.js
Returns Managementyayloh
Payment MethodsAdyen, Klarna
Shipping MethodsDHL, PostNord
50%less customer service tickets related to returns
3x fasterprocessing of international returns

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