Connected commerce

Centra serves as the central hub orchestrating your sales channels, and turning brick-and-mortar connected stores into micro-fulfillment centers for reduced working capital needs and profit boosts.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion & lifestyle brands that switched to Centra

Endless aisle

Never leave your shoppers empty-handed and increase conversion rates using connected store technologies. Let your customer browse your entire range, buy a product, and then pick it up as soon as it arrives at the store – or get it shipped directly to the doorstep.

Turn your connected stores into fulfillment centers

Use third-party logistics and supply chain as part of your order process to reduce last-mile delivery costs and streamline processes. Take orders on incoming stock before it arrives at your warehouse to reduce working capital needs to a minimum.

Track and trace

Integrate workflows in Centra to streamline your day-to-day operations. Gain a lay of the land with all data synchronized in real-time across all integrated systems such as warehouses, shipping systems and payment service providers. 

No‑hassle returns and refunds

Integrate logistics and supply chain as part of your order process to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Accept returns to brick-and-mortar stores, and handle refunds automatically – using the original payment method or by issuing a gift card.

Show store inventory online

Centra synchronizes data in real time between warehouses, shipping systems, and payment service providers. Your shoppers always see real-time information about product availability at physical store locations through your online store or mobile app.

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)

Give your customers the best of both worlds by integrating your online and offline sales channels for more convenient shopping experience. Let shoppers place orders online and immediately pick them up at a physical store, reducing your shipping fees and inventory costs.

Buy online, ship to store (BOSS)

Wherever BOPIS orders are out of stock, use your supply chain and distribution network to get items from one store to another. By turning stores into warehouses and consolidating orders at the store level, you can reduce shipping fees and inventory costs.

Buy online, return in store (BORIS)

Offer your customers the convenience of returning orders to brick-and-mortar stores to reduce shipping fees and processing costs. Leverage Buy Online, Return in Store to drive foot traffic and additional sales opportunities.

BOPIS, BORIS or BOSS integrations

A multi‑channel platform designed for fashion

Sell beyond the limits of channels and technologies. Create a seamless experience by integrating all your touchpoints: web page, mobile app, in-store display, a PoS system, an AR/VR device, or a voice assistant.

Integrate multiple customer touchpoints in one platform