Ready to switch to Centra?

Our world-class team is here to help your brand make the transition without interrupting your business.

Why fashion and lifestyle brands are switching to Centra.

Design freedom and customization

By switching to a headless platform, you gain design freedom to build a brand-authentic store. Using Centra's flexible architecture, you can integrate with best-of-breed technology and customize your store. No more cookie-cutter templates.

Lower cost of ownership

Version and vendor lock-ins make upgrading monolithic platforms expensive. To remedy growing administrative and ownership costs, stores often switch from legacy or monolithic platforms to fully headless setups. Centra is versionless, so new features are released automatically, without extra costs. And because the platform comes with robust out-of-the-box features, there’s no need for third-party apps and plugins.

Performance boost

Due to custom themes and multiple extensions, monolithic platforms are difficult to manage, and they slow your online store. Thanks to Centra's headless architecture, your pages load faster and you can use the latest front end technologies without limitations.

Professional support with the migration

With tons of data, digital assets and multiple integrations, platform migration seems challenging. Centra’s customer success and technical teams make it easier for you. We assist you at each step, helping transition your store to a new platform without interrupting your business.

1. Create a migration roadmap

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Evaluate your tech stack and business operationsDefine your target marketsChoose marketplaces to integrate with
Identify inefficiencies in your tech stack, review your website’s performance and carry out an SEO audit. Audit your marketing and user experience to find out what needs improvement.Select the markets and areas in which you will sell. With Centra’s multi-tenant architecture, we’ll set up your store everywhere you want.Determine which digital marketplaces you want to expand your business into, whether Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Asos, Debenhams or more, so we can adjust your setup.
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Prepare the scope of localization Select payment methodsList integrations you want to keep
Specify what languages, currencies and shipping options you’ll need in your new store. Decide whether to bring your existing PSPs and payment methods or choose new ones.Prepare the list of integrations for your new setup, such as marketing, payments, PoS, shipping, accounting, ERP, 3PL or warehouses.

2. Make an implementation plan with your front‑end agency

Review your storefront

Analyze your store’s style, branding and content with your front-end partner. Go over your store navigation, page categories, product and non-product pages, and digital assets to choose what to transfer to Centra.

Verify and document your checkout

Find and fix errors in your shopping transaction, including customizations, presentation options and price modifications, to allow for a bug-free migration.

Front-end planning

Together with your front partner, we’ll evaluate your requirements and prepare an implementation plan accordingly.

3. Centra implementation

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Project scope and planning Implementation
Get all your data flows mapped to ensure processes within the platform run smoothly. Decide on a product structure and identify which standard and custom product attributes are needed. Discuss all business necessities to pave the way for successful migration.Our team will assist you in the setup of your products, features, plugins and integrations. We’ll also help you with order flows, inventory management, delivery and store settings.


4. Become a Centra power user

Your personalized training will cover all the skills required to manage your store once live – from creating markets and tax rules, to importing product catalogs to configuring warehouses and allocation rules. Our team will walk you through the ins and outs of Centra so you can make the best of the platform.

5. Ready your store for the launch

Centra’s success team helps you verify configuration and integrations before go-live. We’ll align with partners, perform tests and plan resources to assure a great shopper experience from day one.

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Order flow Vouchers and campaigns
We'll walk you through testing of order placement, stock allocations and market config like tax, shipping and VAT rules. Our team will prepare you for the launch by checking vouchers, campaigns and discounts for each of your stores and markets.
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Payment flowRefunds and returns
We'll test payments to verify they’re authorized, confirmed and captured across all payment methods, on every market and for all stores. The testing phase involves refund and return flows. Together, we'll get them configured and ready for go-live and beyond.

6. Migrate your order and account data

Document your product catalog

Define your product catalog structure so we can fine-tune your setup. With Centra, you’ll be able to present your product as you wish, using variants and attributes differently.

Migrate your customer and order data

Check your customer and order data, including customer accounts, order history, gift card details, and tackle any migration or validation challenges.

Transfer your service information

Verify and prepare service information you want to migrate, from privacy policy, terms of service, return and refund policies to GDPR policy and contact info.

7. Go live right after the switch

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Launch preparations and strategic alignment Going live and refinement
Centra’s team will plan for the milestones you want to reach, project timelines, and how to avoid delays from risks and dependencies. We’ll also assign roles and responsibilities to streamline the process. Together with your implementation partner, we’ll verify all redirects and check traffic to your store, so you won’t hurt your SEO strategy. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, from payment processes through orders and email confirmations.

8. Optimize your business with Centra’s support

Once your store is live, we’ll guide you on further development by helping you set goals and providing practical recommendations for using Centra to meet your business goals.

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Personalized customer serviceStaying ahead of the competitionOptimized client’s journey
Get practical advice on the features and functionalities of Centra that suit your fashion brand’s use cases. We make sure our customers are familiar with our platform and confident using it.Gain key industry and competitor market insights to make informed decisions and improve your sales. We regularly audit your platform’s current setup to optimize key steps in the client’s journey, including order, return, shipping, payment and more.
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Better business efficiencyAssistance in your growth strategy
Improve your business operation while expanding your stack or engaging in new markets. We’ll assist you in setting project goals, creating a roadmap and estimating budget. You can set business goals and grow your business with the support of our experts. Whether it’s enhanced email marketing, a lower return rate or optimized checkout, we’ve got you covered.

The building blocks of a successful migration to Centra .

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Migration support High-touch customer care
Rely on Centra’s team to define the project scope and necessary features. Get our help with mapping your business goals to perfect your store setup.Centra’s support team takes care of your onboarding, platform implementation and training. Our support hotline is always available to answer your questions, so you'll be up and running fast.
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Composable architectureHelp resources for your employees
You can freely connect Centra with any third-party integration or system you use. For tools without a dedicated integration, use our APIs.Centra’s knowledge base includes our settings and workflow documentation as well as API and technical documentation for your IT team.