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The ecommerce platform for global brands.

Advanced pim

Product Information Management for fashion products

Use the right tool for the trade. Out of the box, Centra comes with a lightweight, advanced PIM geared to handle complex fashion and lifestyle products – no extra apps and integrations needed.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion & lifestyle brands that switched to Centra.

Advanced PIM features

Native fashion‑centric features out of the box

No need to install and pay for advanced third-party extensions or plug-ins. Centra’s PIM comes with all the features you need to do fashion commerce at scale.

Advanced PIM features

Integrate if needed

Centra can synchronize to and enrich an ERP system’s basic product information. If you ever grow out of Centra’s PIM, it integrates with a dedicated product information system.

Product attributes

Predefined and user-defined attributes can be easily set with any data types, including strings, integers, floats, booleans, enums, blobs and more, and objects made out of those data types.


The entire product information management system is localizable to handle both general languages and local variations of languages.


Centra’s Displays feature allows products to be presented in different ways in different channels or categories. A product can be presented in different ways in two different direct-to-consumer stores, or in different ways in the men’s and women’s department of an online store.

omnichannel commerce

Integrate multiple customer touchpoints in one platform


Supports unlimited markets, currencies, languages, warehouses and more, with zero constraints on shop design thanks to Centra’s headless API technology.

Digital wholesale

Support unlimited customers, sales staff, agents, distributors, delivery windows and more with Centra’s feature-rich enterprise wholesale process.

Marketplaces and beyond

Use Centra’s open APIs to integrate with the rest of your commerce ecosystem. List your products on popular marketplaces and manage orders using your standard order flow.

Omnichannel order management


Support warehouses with unsafe inventory levels (e.g., brick-and-mortar stores) through extra stock allocation at a central warehouse in case the inventory is unavailable. Timeout and threshold logic is definable and specific APIs are in place to facilitate the interaction with brick-and-mortar staff.

Same day ship‑from‑store

Use Centra’s clever APIs to integrate delivery experience solutions providing additional criteria for stock allocation.

Set up a "global same day" solution, turning your brick-and-mortar network into a powerful fulfillment network, without extensive building of any custom integrations or business logic.

Robust API

The full product information management (PIM) model in Centra is accessible through GraphQL API as well as through flat file product imports. This makes it easy to integrate master data from PLM, PDM, ERP and PIM systems. What data is enriched at what level can be decided based on needs.


Features for days

Pick up and return in store

In case of a web order being returned to a brick-and-mortar store, Centra can trigger  a refund based on an API command, for a fully automated handling. In case the original payment cannot be refunded, Centra provides that feedback and the store can e.g., issue a gift card instead.

Show store inventory online

Tag warehouses as brick-and-mortar stores and use Centra’s rule-based stock allocation engine to list their inventory to online visitors based on geo-location.

Endless aisle

Allow brick-and-mortar customers to virtually browse or order products that are out of stock or not sold in-store – and ship them to their homes or to the store.

Gift cards and store credits

Centra can integrate with other systems handling master data for gift cards and store credits. As with other data in Centra, gift cards and store credits can also be read out from Centra using API, making omni-channel integrations possible.

Omni-channel campaigns

With rich APIs, Centra can either accept an external data source for campaigns, or act as a master. You can also configure an integration so that an external system acts as a general master, but data is further enriched in Centra.

Discount handling

Centra’s rule-based discount handling system supports both direct-to-consumer and wholesale. Discounts can apply to certain customers under certain conditions. Convenience functions to make it easy to quickly create simple discounts such as %-off or take-X-pay-for-Y.

"Some might think a high‑quality phone case is a boring product. However, our story is pretty exciting, and needs to be communicated. Our new flagship store on the Centra platform enables us to do so."
Vidar Sjöqvist Co-Founder of Nudient
"The flexibility of Centra was a game changer. We were able to customize each individual store based on local preferences, which allowed us to carry out our strategy on a global level."
Henrik Grundén Co-Founder at Stronger
"Switching from our previous monolithic setup to Centra’s headless build has enabled us to iterate fast and implement new technology and solutions without turning it into an expensive and complex IT project."
Erik Berg Ecommerce Manager at Craft Sportswear