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The ecommerce platform for global brands.


A wholesale experience built for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Create a wholesale experience that mirrors Direct‑to‑Consumer e‑commerce. Invite merchants to a digital showroom with individual pricing, global tax calculations, shipping management and more.

Fixing the legacy distribution model

  • Modern fashion merchants no longer want to place wholesale orders via offline meetings with sales reps.

  • They want the same buying experience as your DTC clients – virtual showrooms, individual pricing, and the ability to place orders on their own. 

  • To remain competitive on the market, original brands must swiftly respond to this need.

  • With Centra, the wholesale buying experience mirrors that of familiar Direct‑to‑Consumer shopping, making it dead‑simple to buy.

  • Create and send tailored order proposals in minutes
  • Shorten the sales cycle by going digital
  • Use powerful digital marketing tools to boost sales
  • Create personalized catalogs for each account
  • Use live collaborative 2-way ordering
  • Sell directly to retailers across the globe
Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion & lifestyle brands that switched to Centra.

Less time spent on admin

Centra Showroom has a fully digital backend - automated fulfilment processes with no manual file exports or imports. Free up time spent on admin and focus on growing.

  • Enable sales staff and buyers to enter orders quickly on desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Move small‑scale retailers to self‑service ordering

  • Eliminate errors and leverage automated back‑office processes


Your wholesale control tower

Use Centra’s built‑in analytics and reporting capabilities to follow your business to the last detail

Aggregate demand, create forecasts and place orders to your suppliers with minimal overstock risk

Confirm orders on incoming stock before it arrives to minimize working capital needs

Features for days.

Accounts and buyers in one place

  • Account and buyer data stored in one place

  • Account & order history at your fingertips

  • Control product visibility based on account

Powerful, intuitive interface

  • Powerful search and configurable filters

  • Smart workflows

  • Intuitive handling of variants and sizes

  • Pre‑packs and size curves

Digital linesheets mean more sales

  • Create custom, collaborative linesheets in seconds

  • Email your linesheet to buyer with one click

  • Linesheets by season, fabric ATS, best sellers and more

3 simple steps to get your Showroom up and running

Upload products and accounts to Centra. Optionally integrate with your existing ERP or PIM.

3 simple steps to get your Showroom up and running

Invite buyers, agents and sales reps. Configure pricing and access to products per account.

3 simple steps to get your Showroom up and running

Start receiving orders. Centra handles both pre‑orders and re‑orders.


Showcase your unique brand and products

  • Present new campaigns, press, and videos

  • Supports high resolution images

  • Organize by delivery window, style or other parameters