The digital showroom for frictionless fashion wholesale

Boost fashion B2B preorder and reorder sales, grow retail partnerships, and expand into new markets with Centra’s intuitive showroom.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that replatformed to Centra

Improve your preorder and reorder flows

Invite merchants to a buyer-friendly showroom with individual pricing, global tax calculations, shipping management, and more. Let buyers work on multiple orders simultaneously – on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Capture sales 24/7

Accept orders anytime with an on-brand wholesale store. Show your buyers up-to-the-minute stock levels, product catalogs, order information, and delivery statuses.

Get to market faster

Release your collections more efficiently and speed up time-to-market with virtual sampling. Showcase your products faster and make them available for buyers to order in minutes, not weeks.

Connect your wholesale to direct‑to‑consumer sales

With Centra, you handle Wholesale and Direct-to-Consumer modules in a single platform.

Powerful wholesale features.

Shoppable hotspots

Adding shoppable hotspots to your product images allows you to highlight specific products, give buyers the key information, and direct them to a dedicated page to make an order.

On-brand lookbooks

Create compelling lookbooks with brand-authentic, editorial-looking photos and share them with buyers to promote new fashion collections, attract retail partners, and drive sales.

Localized displays

Showcase your clothing and accessories differently across markets, channels, selections, or categories to strategically promote particular product variants and related products.

Intuitive handling of variants and sizes

Use Centra’s multilayer variant handling and bulk uploader to manage your fashion brand’s complex products and catalogs with lots of SKUs for different sizes and colors. Apply predefined product attributes or create your own – like in a fully-featured PIM.

Fashion sales campaigns and discounts

Centra enables rule-based per-account discounts and campaigns, so wholesale accounts can buy the right products when they need them. You can set base price lists, pre-negotiated and advanced discounts, order/item bargaining, and run off-price campaigns.

Streamlined fulfillment

The advantages of a digital showroom.

Optimized inventory management

Centra’s size distribution feature gives you an easy way to order large quantities of products and distribute them automatically, so your stock always meets the demands of your customers. You can also offer specific product sizes together as prepacks, which makes it more convenient to sell and send to merchants.

Improved product assortments

With a digital library of products you can easily add, modify, and search products to create assortments. Work with your team on assortments, or show them to buyers.

High-season efficiency

Save time and manual work during peak seasons by copying orders to the same or different accounts, markets, and price lists.

Less admin work

Reduce admin work, eliminate errors, and focus on growing your business with Centra Showroom's digital back end that automates fulfillment and back-office processes.