The cross‑border ecommerce platform for brands

Scale your brand internationally. Capture new markets easily with a single store tailored to every country, language, and currency. 

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion & lifestyle brands that switched to Centra

Multi‑market setup

Go global with one online store tailored for every market

With Centra, fashion & lifestyle brands can manage multiple storefronts from one back end – and segment order and inventory data per market.

localize localize localize

Tailor storefronts to global consumers

Customize your storefronts with local pricing, languages, content, currencies and size charts, based on consumers’ location for custom buying experience that boosts sales.

100+ currencies

Local currencies and payment options

Sell in 100+ local currencies in every possible market and drive conversion.

Localize payment options to improve shopping experience. Use local PSP agreements for the best auth rates and lowest costs.

many stores, one platform

Multi‑market features for selling globally

Run multiple stores from one back end and with minimum admin work. Easily duplicate themes - or use any number of different front ends to promote your products differently in different markets.

they pay their way

Localize checkouts and price lists

Build a checkout with local payment methods, delivery options and price lists based on the customer's location.

Create separate price lists per territory or currency. Route to the best PSP depending on location to optimize conversion.

localized taxes

Handle international taxes

Manage taxes natively and use transparent pricing to sell more. Validate and calculate EU VAT and US Sales tax, including origin state, destination state and hybrid state tax.

Cross‑border ecommerce

The multi‑market platform for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Manage inventory for all locations

Allocate products to ensure they are always available for consumers. Add any number of warehouses, globally and route shipments if necessary. 

Deliver everywhere

Ensure convenient delivery options based on the consumer's location. Make ship-from-store easy with Centra’s support for uncertain inventory and dual reservation. 

Manage data from one back end

Keep all stock and order information for multiple countries stored in one back end. Filter data by country or market and export it to your favorite BI tool.

Take your business global in days

Quickly expand on new markets and to capture your global long-tail potential. Serve any number of countries, currencies, languages, locales, warehouses and consumers globally.

Personalize discounts for different countries

Apply unlimited discounts and personalized campaigns depending on your visitors' location.

Enhance brand visibility

Localize domains to enhance brand visibility. Deliver local shopping experiences, and gain new customers.

Manage inventory for all countries

Align inventory and orders, handle international shipping and tracking fulfillment in an integrated order management system.

Analyze each market

Monitor your store's performance in real time. Create advanced reports, filter data by stores, currency, accounts, or order status to make informed business decisions. 

Gain agility and reduce manual labor

Use your favorite CMS and gain the fuller control over the look and feel of the website. With Centra’s automation settings, your website dynamically adapts depending on your visitors’ GeoIP.

Support the checkout with fallbacks

Reduce friction in the checkout by adding fallbacks when the default PSP goes down, or allow your consumers to choose their preferred PSP.

"The flexibility of Centra was a game changer. We were able to customize each individual store based on local preferences, which allowed us to carry out our strategy on a global level"
Henrik Grundén Co-Founder at Stronger
"Switching from our previous monolithic setup to Centra’s headless build has enabled us to iterate fast and implement new technology and solutions without turning it into an expensive and complex IT project."
Erik Berg Ecommerce Manager at Craft Sportswear