Distributed Order Management with in‑built ERP features

Centra’s OMS comes with ERP functionalities baked in to bring you rule-based automation helping to fulfill customer orders faster and minimize working capital costs.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that replatformed to Centra

fashion erp

ERP features for fashion ecommerce

Centra’s order management system integrates many core ERP features, but can also synchronize to and enrich a third-party ERP system’s basic product info with images, videos, arbitrary visible and invisible metadata, and more

If you ever grow out of Centra’s PIM, you can integrate a dedicated product info system to store and categorize rich product information and distribute it to all channels.

smart oms

Distributed Order Management

With smart Distributed Order Management, you can orchestrate orders across channels. Centra's DOM capabilities can help you improve your supply chain with automated order routing, order splitting, shipping, inventory forecasting, reordering, and inventory management.

optimize logistics

Streamlined replenishment

Get more value from your existing logistics system to intelligently route products to the ideal location. Optimize space usage in click-and-collect shipments and route returns to streamline inventory replenishment across your locations – stores and warehouses.

one assortment ‑ all channels

Overselling protection

Reduce the risk of overselling by integrating multiple sales channels connected to the same virtual assortment.

smarter supply chain

Returns and refunds

Smoothly integrate logistics and supply chain as part of your fulfillment and returns processed to reduce logistics costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Automatically handle returns of online purchases in a brick-and-mortar store. If the original payment cannot be used for a refund, you can offer a gift card instead.

Streamlined fulfillment

Streamlined fulfillment

all channels ‑ one platform

A multi‑channel platform designed for fashion

Sell beyond the limits of channels and technologies. Create a seamless experience by integrating all your touchpoints: web page, mobile app, in-store display, a PoS system, an AR/VR device, or a voice assistant.

Integrate multiple customer touchpoints in one platform.


Support unlimited markets, currencies, languages, warehouses and more, with zero constraints on shop design thanks to Centra’s headless API technology.

Digital Wholesale

Support unlimited customers, sales staff, agents, distributors, delivery windows and more with Centra’s feature-rich enterprise wholesale process.

Marketplaces and beyond

Use Centra’s open APIs to integrate with your commerce systems and channels. List your products on popular marketplaces and manage orders using your standard order flow.

Centra’s Order Management features at a glance.

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Order creation, updating and canceling
Shipment creation, updating and canceling
Changing of shipping address
Return management
Refund management