SEO and remarkable performance for global fashion brands

Deliver a five-star customer experience with outstanding page speed and built-in SEO features for fashion ecommerce.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that switched to Centra


Ecommerce done right. Everywhere.

Built for speed

Improve your performance and Google Lighthouse score by working with a fast, modern storefront framework. Centra’s open API allows you to integrate with React, Angular, Vue.js, Gatsby, Next.js, Nuxt, and many more.

SEO for international fashion brands

With Centra you can easily manage international sales and rank higher in Google. Get the benefits of automatic content localization, localized Google view, language and currency settings flexibility, and unlimited market customization possibilities.

Multiple markets, one back end

Serve a localized experience from one back end. Centra automatically creates product pages optimized for Google’s local domain. Each product and category page is available in the shopper’s selected language, with dedicated content and local currency.

Fast APIs and unlimited scalability

Centra is built to handle high traffic on new collection release days, Black Friday, flash sales, and keeps you safe from DDoS attacks. Our fast APIs will help you deliver stable, top-notch performance globally across all devices.


SEO‑friendly, out of the box.

Localized view on Google

Centra makes sure that Google snippets are localized. International customers looking for your products through the search engine will always see a localized description, price, and reviews.

Language and currency flexibility

Centra offers unlimited languages and freedom in setting up the experience. You can choose to pre-set market/language/currency combinations and freeze them or allow your customers to freely choose preferred settings. US and UK English can be handled separately.

Compatible with any headless CMSs

With a headless platform there is no vendor lock-in. You can choose to integrate with SEO-focused CMSs like Storyblok or Contentful. Publish your content and landing pages with full SEO control and boost your ranking position further.

Centra’s approach to performance.

Running on Centra gives you all the speed, performance, stability, and features you need to rank higher on Google search results, deliver fast on-brand shopping experience, and turn visitors into customers

Centra’s approach to performance
Centra’s approach to performance.
"We’ve heard about Centra from friendly Nordic fashion brands. What is great about Centra is that it covers DTC and B2B scenarios under one platform, and that is customized for fashion brands. It offers all important features out of the box."
Henrik Hermansen Head of Ecommerce
From early on, we’ve acknowledged Centra as a growth partner. We knew that their modern and flexible headless SaaS setup would allow us to scale and reach any target we set for ourselves. That was compelling.
Hanne Sofie Hammer B2B ecommerce manager at Viking Footwear
"We needed to find a powerful and reliable platform with support for handling multiple languages, currencies, warehouses, and individual pricing from the same system. The flexibility of Centra was a game changer."
Henrik Grundén Co-Founder and Creative Director at Stronger