B2B order management tailor‑made for fashion

Centra’s integrated B2B wholesale order management system helps you handle order fulfillment more efficiently to save money and maximize profit margins.

Believe the hype.
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Smart B2B order processing.

Minimize capital needs

Avoid overstocking and understocking by tracking sales, orders, and stock levels in real time. Prevent order delays and errors, and improve order accuracy to reduce costly product returns and exchanges.

Prevent overselling and backorders

Keep track of your inventory and orders, and secure your stock to guarantee your products are always available for all incoming orders online.

Forecast demand with preorder data

Use Centra’s dashboard and analytics to see data on your collections’ preorders to estimate demand from retailers and forecast production. Identify which fashion items would be successful for which retailers and markets and order from suppliers with a reduced risk of overstocking.

Drive demand based on data

Analyze order and sales data to see which items are selling fast, identify trends, and share this knowledge with your B2B clients to drive demand.

Maximize B2B order value

Apply volume-based and threshold discounts, or promote sales within specific delivery windows to motivate your top B2B clients to spend more.

Sell more with complete data

Gain a real-time view of products, inventory, returns, cancellations, and processes. Improve your selling strategies by analyzing your B2B orders by segmenting data by best-seller, bestseller size, store, country, market, or collection.

Ensure smooth wholesale order fulfillment

Control inventory levels by syncing your sales and purchases into our B2B accounting software and use intelligent stock allocation rules to ensure timely order delivery.

Offload your B2B inventory

Use Centra’s B2B platform to run end-of-season campaigns with promo codes, vouchers, and discounts for swift clearance of excess inventory.

Feature‑rich B2B order management system for fashion.

Custom wholesale accounts

Define which products or collections a wholesale account can access, buy, and get delivered at a specific delivery window. Set each account with individual price lists, invoices, discounts, terms of payment, and shipping.

Price segmentation

Offer your retail partners custom pricing and discounts. Easily create price lists for an individual wholesale account or markets. Choose from Centra’s flexible options to set basic lists, pre-negotiated discounts, off-price campaigns, advanced rule-based discounts, and order/item bargaining.

Smart allocations for B2B orders

Manage deliveries by using Centra’s rule-based stock allocation engine. Do a safety allocation at the most suitable warehouse, route shipments intelligently, and ensure that bought products are always delivered.

Integrate Centra with third-party stock owned by regional warehouses to fulfill orders according to set allocation.

No-fuss bulk sales

Lower your marketing costs and gain extra channels in your sales mix with bulk sales. Centra makes it easy for B2B customers to place bulk orders to streamline order processing and help you to ship products faster.

Multi-channel B2B orders management

Eliminate data silos by using a B2B platform to connect sales channels and get a complete overview of all orders placed by B2B customers online, via phone, or during in-person meetings.

Seamless integration with ERP and CRM systems

Stay connected with your existing business applications by integrating our B2B order management platform with popular ERP and CRM systems. Automate data synchronization, reduce manual data entry, and maintain a single source of truth across your organization.

A track and trace system for B2B orders

Get better control of your wholesale order status with data synchronized in real-time across warehouses, fulfillment centers, logistics partners, accounting and payment processors. Review your inventory, fulfill orders on time and purchase what you need.

Back-end automation

Centra's B2B order management system offers automation – from calculating shipping costs and taxes to forecasting demand, routing shipments, reordering, and inventory level updates.

Targeted wholesale campaigns

Launch targeted promotions for your B2B customers – pre-negotiated discounts, off-price campaigns, and advanced rule-based discounts – to move overstock inventory and boost B2B order values.

Multiple warehouses

Centra's Wholesale module with an advanced inventory storage model can manage multiple warehouses and can group them to fulfill deliveries to the same market. You can also link wholesale orders to future incoming deliveries to minimize the locking of inventory capital.

B2B shipping and return management

Smoothly integrate logistics and supply chain as part of your order process to minimize costs and improve the experience for your B2B buyers. Allow B2B buyers to manage order returns with a few clicks to minimize staff workloads and help build customer loyalty.

Transparency with transactional emails

Keep your B2B buyers informed on their orders by sending the automatic order confirmation, shipping confirmation, order receipt, and invoice emails from a single back end.