The API‑first headless back end for fashion ecommerce

Build out your headless back end using microservices, and use any modern technology for your front end – Vue.js, React.js, Node.js and many more.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that replatformed to Centra

Complete design freedom.

Centra is an ecommerce platform designed to work as a headless back end for any modern front end. This gives you almost unlimited freedom to use any design, any CMS, and any web development agency.

Multiple storefronts

Manage multiple sales channels – different websites, apps, marketplaces, or physical locations – through a single back-end platform. Increase the reach and scalability of your business and sell your products or services in multiple places at once.

Any design

Centra gives you the freedom to build an ecommerce front end your brand truly deserves. No more cookie cutter templates, plugins or design limitations. Design truly memorable on-brand experiences that wow your customers.

Any storefront framework

With microservices and smart APIs, dev teams get the freedom to develop and maintain specific functionalities of the platform using any programming language, framework or technology. Teams are free to pick the best tech and language for the implementation of a solution, gaining agility and decreasing costs.


Use a modern, best-of-breed headless CMS like Storyblok, Contentful or Prismic with Centra as the ecommerce back end. Gain the freedom to build out your site using modules and APIs, not templates.

Development agility and flexibility.

Gain development agility, reduce speed to market and total cost of ownership by running your store on a headless SaaS front end

Work agile

Your teams gain complete independence to work on individual functionalities of your store. You can release new versions of your site fortnightly, weekly, or more often – independently of any backend changes.

Easily extend if needed

Use microservices and Centra API to easily extend the functionality of you store if needed. We bring your a rich library of core features that cover 90-100% of fashion commerce needs.

Develop and debug quickly

A lightweight flexible front end, fully decoupled from the back end, enables the best possible developer experience.


Scalable and fast by design, Centra grows together with your brand. It’s a fully headless, true cloud SaaS software you just can’t outgrow.

Built for performance

Use static page generators and Jamstack architecture to achieve the fastest possible time to first byte and improved organic SEO. Faster sites convert better.

Globally fast

Deploy your site to the edge, to make sure customers globally have the same super-fast experience as those in your own town.


Centra saves you unnecessary infrastructure headaches. Hosting is included with SLA-guaranteed global performance to support hundreds of thousands of site visitors at the same time.

Backend integrations.

Centra works as the ecommerce back end for any headless front end. The API-first design freedom helping you build the store you really want. This approach makes the stack easier to build and integrate, and cheaper to maintain in the future.

API-first commerce

GraphQL API access to all data in Centra enables fast integration of anything. This design Centra brings you the full freedom of API-first ecommerce architecture.

Endless flexibility

Centra unlocks unlimited extendibility with direct API access rather than standard plugins, integrations or file exports. If an integration does not exist, you can develop it in-house.

Integration library

Access a curated library of integrations with third-party services for core functionalities like payments, CRM, and loyalty and delivery systems.

Headless ecommerce platform.

Centra is a truly headless ecommerce platform. It gives you the usual benefits of SaaS platforms: stability, security and speed – without holding you back in terms of development and design freedom.


Centra is a headless software-as-a-service platform delivered from the cloud. We make sure everything is running smoothly, while you can focus on growing your brand.

Frictionless updates

Centra is always up to date. Every day, we work hard to bring you the best functionality and performance. You get new features and functionalities every second week.


From the ground built for resilience, Centra is monitored 24/7 to deliver 99.9%+ uptime. This also covers peak seasons, Black Friday, limited drops and flash sales.

Data security

We put security above all else, but you don’t have to take our word for it – we frequently penetration test our systems, and share the reports.


We’ll make sure you get up to speed quickly, and our support hotline is always available to answer any questions.

Use technologies your developers know and love

Running on Centra, you no longer need to compromise on anything. With no vendor lock-in, you can optimize development and stop overpaying for niche and expensive ecommerce experts. You can use Centra as the back end, and build out your front end using any leading technology like React, Angular or Vue.

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Use a recommended agency – or bring your own.

To build a store on top of Centra’s headless API, you can work with any web agency of your choice, an inhouse team, or hire a Centra-recommended agency.


  • Delivers Centra platform and Wholesale Showroom 

  • Ships fortnightly updates

  • Finds the right partner for backend integrations not delivered by other vendors

  • 24/7/365 system monitoring and phone and email support


  • Maintains tight day-to-day customer relationship

  • Delivers and maintains the custom designed direct-to-consumer front end

  • Offers value-adding services (digital strategy, online growth, campaign sites, etc.)

See certified Centra partners.


Scalable commerce

Prepare today for the needs of tomorrow.

Scale easily

With the front end fully decoupled from the back end, scaling is easy. Centra scales automatically to effortlessly support hundreds of thousands of site visitors at the same time, and offer them the fastest possible shopping experience.

Run fast globally

Deploy your site to the edge to make sure all your customers have the same super-fast experience – globally, no compromises.

Expand your store’s functionalities

Centra is headless SaaS software. You can use APIs to freely connect it with any number of  third-party integrations: order management systems, ERP systems, and content management platforms – to offer a seamless shopping experience.

Leverage Jamstack for speed and security

Centra’s Jamstack design makes it possible to use it with popular static page generators – enabling the fastest possible time to first byte, amazing shopping experiences, and better organic SEO.

Prepare for future market demands

Centra’s cloud-based headless architecture and extensibility make it easy to upgrade your store to adapt to changing customers’ expectations. Replace integrations when needed and stick to the features you really use.

A multi‑channel platform designed for fashion

Sell beyond the limits of channels and technologies. Create a seamless experience by integrating all your touchpoints: web page, mobile app, in-store display, a PoS system, an AR/VR device, or a voice assistant.

Integrate multiple customer touchpoints in one platform.


Support unlimited markets, currencies, languages, warehouses and more, with zero constraints on shop design thanks to Centra’s headless API technology.

Digital Wholesale

Support unlimited customers, sales staff, agents, distributors, delivery windows and more with Centra’s feature-rich enterprise wholesale process.

Marketplaces and beyond

Use Centra’s open APIs to integrate with your commerce systems and channels. List your products on popular marketplaces and manage orders using your standard order flow.