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Replatforming advice

Download step‑by‑step replatforming checklist

Replatforming is a significant decision and a costly project, but when done right, it can lead to substantial savings and immense growth for your business. Download a replatforming checklist to get the most out of your investment.


Download our replatforming checklist!


Replatform with easy‑to‑use checklist

On a daily basis, we assist lifestyle brands in reaching their global ambitions. Our team helps them to navigate the migration and get the most out of Centra. We’ve used all of our experience to create a detailed replatforming checklist, including all the important stages of replatforming.


Lead your replatforming project with confidence

In order to ensure that ecommerce replatforming projects are well structured and follow the process, project management discipline is necessary. Use our outline to remain on track and diligent throughout the process.


Replatforming checklist walk through

If you’re looking for more than a replatforming checklist, we’ve prepared a thorough guide to walk you through the project.  

Replatforming guidebook includes:

  • Alternatives to replatforming
  • Key questions you should be asking
  • List of potential risks
  • Replatforming advice
  • Ecommerce know-how
  • Ecommerce technology overview