Centra and Infobaleen partner up to create personalized e-comm experiences

The brand-focused e-commerce platform, Centra, has entered into partnership with AI-analytics provider Infobaleen. The partnership focuses on helping brands create personalized shopping experiences, with their joint customer Odd Molly as a pilot project.

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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Through a solid integration, Centra’s clients can automatically sync their data with Infobaleen's analysis platform. Using machine learning, Infobaleen helps e‑retailers to automatically analyze their data and convert it into relevant key figures, cohort analysis, and behavior‑based customer segments.

Companies such as Rusta, NetOnNet, Refunder, Nordic Nest, Wearglas, and Odd Molly use Infobaleen's tools to easily transform data into deeper customer insights, so they can make data‑driven decisions that increase their sales. Infobaleen is now focusing on DTC‑brands, which is why the partnership with Centra is an important key for penetrating that segment. 

”We are very pleased to, together with Centra, be able to create opportunities for their customers to automatically analyze their data and create deeper customer insights, which can easily be transformed into even more efficient communication and increased sales. With Centra’s headless technology and strong customer base, we hope to improve our position on the DTC e‑commerce market”, says Jakob Sjölander, CEO at Infobaleen

”Partnering up with Infobaleen is a strategic and powerful step to help our clients strengthen and increase their personalized customer experiences. We are very excited to have our joint customer Odd Molly as a pilot project, one of many to come.” says Martin Jensen, CEO at Centra.

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