Centra and Turnr enter into a strategic partnership

Centra and Turnr enter into a strategic partnership and launch an off-the-shelf integration that includes next-generation functionality for C2C returns

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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Centra and Turnr have entered into a strategic partnership to introduce the concept of C2C returns to Centra’s client base. The partnership aims to offer Centra’s clients the option of embracing the Customer-to-Customer approach to return management and is kickstarted by the official launch of an off-the-shelf integration to the Turnr platform.

The fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform, Centra, has expanded its integration library by partnering with Stockholm-based returns management platform Turnr. Turnr provides a smooth, merchant branded user experience where customers can exchange, return and claim products in one click. The platform supports full-stack return management, including a unique Customer-to-Customer returns feature that enables merchants to involve their customers in circular shopping – a business model where returns can be sent directly from returning customers to a new customer that purchases the returned product at a discounted price. This approach saves tons of money, time and unnecessary transportation. On top of this, Turnr provides stores with granular data on customer behaviour and product performance. 

“We’re always looking to work with the latest and greatest technology partners in the business, and have had our eyes on Turnr since the first time we heard about them. They have a very solid team of experienced tech/e-commerce professionals, and a unique approach to solving and putting the returns issue on a much more sustainable path. Their solution is very smart and innovative, and we believe they will make a big impact on our industry”, says Martin Jensen, CEO at Centra.

The Turnr team is dead-set on repositioning returns from the necessary evil of fashion e-commerce into a sustainable and profitable part of the customer journey. To support and kickstart that mission, Turnr recently took on an investment from Schibsted.

"Our solution aims at reducing both return rates and the climate footprint of returns, all while providing consumers with a top-class user experience that makes doing the right thing easy. We want to empower merchants with data and opportunities to take control of and use returns as a value adding activity that boosts customer loyalty and increases profitability. The fashion and retail segments are traditionally riddled with high return rates that eat through profit margins and drive huge amounts of emissions, so they're a great fit with Turnr. To us, it's not a question of whether, but rather when, circular returns are mainstream", says Alexis Bolonassos, CEO at Turnr.

The partnership is kickstarted by a solid integration that makes it possible for Centra’s clients to activate the Turnr solution with minimal implementation and configuration.


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