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Centra's CEO Martin Jensen joins the Re:Platform podcast

Centra's CEO Martin Jensen joins Paul Rogers and James Gurd on the Re:platform podcast to discuss the past, present and future of Centra

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

2 minutes

Paul Rogers and James Gurd

Centra CEO Martin Jensen joins Paul Rogers and James Gurd to discuss the Centra platform on the 33rd episode of the Re:Platform podcast.

Core points discussed include:

  • Why Centra has focused on being a headless‑only, API‑first platform

  • The benefits of being headless for brands

  • Common Centra technology stacks and why most users adopt a headless CMS

  • An introduction to Centra’s wholesale offering

  • How Centra approach international setups – an overview of multi‑store, multi‑currency and multi‑language

  • Core PIM and merchandising features of Centra

  • Discussion around Centra’s technology and systems integrator partner eco‑system
    Centra’s roadmap and expansion into new territories.

Follow this link for the full episode.