Curious to find out why brands love Centra? We asked our clients for input.

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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Choosing an e‑commerce platform can be complicated and confusing. Trust us, we know. We are living in rapidly changing times, and conduct our business in a rapidly changing e‑commerce landscape. And as if it wasn’t complicated enough, there are platforms with a new approach, such as Centra, who possess a superior tech‑stack compared to the more seasoned legacy players in the industry. Choosing a new platform is a big decision, so we understand your ambivalence and decision anxiety. But if you're running a brand within the fashion/lifestyle sector and want to scale your business globally – there simply is no other platform that does what we do.

At Centra, we believe in the global approach. Local brands are in the past. Global brands are in the future – no matter how big or small you are. If you're not thinking global, you're missing out on capturing your full long‑tail potential. To help you figure out what the fuss is all about, we sat down and asked our clients what they love most about the Centra platform. Here’s what we found out: 

1. Centra allows them to seamlessly sell globally
Centra is loaded with powerful tech for brands that want to sell globally. The one‑shop‑for‑a‑global‑market approach means that Centra handles unlimited markets, currencies, warehouses, languages, and content from one global store that adapts based on your customer's Geo‑IP – creating a seamless shopping experience while maximizing conversion, wherever your clients may be.

“Centra as partner and platform has been a game‑changer for our digital growth internally and externally. They are a crucial partner for what lies ahead” – Mattias Jonasson, Head of E‑commerce at Nudie Jeans

2. Centra gives them the freedom to design an e‑commerce site that truly represents their brand
No templates – complete freedom of design. Strong DNVBs must build a site that truly communicates the brand to connect with their followers and fans. Centra's headless technology is built with that in mind. Team up with one of our experienced solution partners and use the CMS of your choice to design and develop a pixel‑perfect site on Centra’s clever APIs.

Image description: Nudie Jeans has made the most of Centra's headless technology with its online flagship store @

3. Centra has powerful off‑price sales tools
Flexible rule‑based discount engine to create any sale. The power of campaigns is no secret to brands with a Direct‑to‑Consumer strategy. Centra’s off‑price sales tools allow brands to create powerful hidden and targeted campaigns, as well as campaign sites that handle extreme traffic with ultra‑fast load times.

4. Great social sales tools for influencer‑driven campaigns
Macro‑influencer brands such as Ideal of Sweden and brands with a community‑backed‑drop strategy such as Db Equipment love Centra's social sales tools for influencer campaigns. Create pre‑made carts for influencers and put buy buttons on blogs. Oh, and affiliate tracking is also built‑in.

5. Speed and scalability
JAMstack‑friendly for unbeatable load times. Built for limited edition drops and sales – with a proven track record of handling limited edition drops from some of the biggest influencers of the world. If you don’t believe us, ask our client Db Equipment.

"We had grown out of our previous platform and the complex setup that came with it. What we needed was a stable and scalable solution that allowed us to carry out our heavy content and influencer driven strategy" – Marius Valaker, Head of E‑commerce at Db Equipment

6. Brands love integrated product info management tools
Built‑in PIM with advanced business logic for brands in the fashion/lifestyle segment. Support for displays, variants, sizes, collections/drops, and bundles.

7. Integrated digital wholesale give them full control across all channels
Centra comes with an out‑of‑the‑box digital showroom that allows our brands to sell "Direct‑to‑Retail" 24/7, 365 days of the year. Drive a "Direct‑to‑Retail" strategy and invite buyers from all over the world to seamlessly browse products and place orders in a digital showroom. Send proposals and work collaboratively on orders in real‑time.

8. The powerful user interface increases efficiency
High information density multi‑user, multi‑role, and multi‑access‑rights admin interface – geared for power‑user productivity. Our brands love the clear overview of both Direct‑to‑Consumer and Digital Wholesale operations through our powerful dashboard.

9. Brands love how easy Centra is to extend
Centra allows them to build a best‑of‑breed site and lets them handpick integrations and solutions that suit their specific needs. Our large library of maintained integrations to leading 3rd party services allows brands to pick and choose. The API‑first approach gives easy access to all data.

"The flexibility of Centra was a game changer. We were able to customize each individual store based on local preferences, which allowed us to carry out our strategy on a global level” – Joachim Lindström, CEO at Ideal of Sweden

10. True SaaS brands love automatic updates and new features.
Brands love not worrying about hosting and updating the platform. Centra is always up to date and running on the latest version. New features are released every 2 weeks at no cost.

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