Eton sets sights on the future – launches digital showroom

Eton has partnered up with D2C/Digital-wholesale e-commerce platform Centra to launch a completely digital showroom.

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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To digitalize and elevate the buying experience for its wholesale customers, Eton has partnered up with wholesale e‑commerce platform Centra to launch a completely digital showroom. The new showroom is designed to give all partners access to upcoming collections and enable quick and easy buying, regardless of location.

Created to be as inspiring as it is easy to use, the digital showroom not only increases accessibility, it helps minimize the need for in‑person meetings with the aim to reduce the travel footprint and need for classic, printed materials. During a time when all meetings are restricted, the fully operational showroom enables all of Eton’s customers to view and order from the full collection, while staying socially distanced. The digital showroom is only one of Eton’s latest developments to digitalize its wholesale business and offer its customers the best possible service. Through the showroom wholesale partners will have 24/7 access to online tools and materials to make the buying experience as seamless as possible.

“We built Eton’s digital showroom to be more than just about easier order entry and remote selling” says Erik Wilkinson, Chief Sales Officer at Eton. “It’s packed with tools that empower our wholesale partners to make a better selection, recap their purchase, and visualize the product for their in‑store presentation and also from a digital point of view; the way their customers will see Eton on their website, in an email campaign or on a social media post. Our new digital showroom also supports our sustainability improvement efforts by allowing us to reduce sales‑related travel and the need for printed material that simply ends up in the trash bin following the seasonal markets”.

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