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Free webinar replay: Centra Webtalks x Re:newcell

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

2 minutes

Centra Webtalks is an expansion of our previous breakfast lecture series Centra Mornings – a concept created to bring people within the fashion/lifestyle/e‑commerce sector together to share knowledge and listen to interesting talks from cool people that circulate in our industry.

To kickstart the Centra Webtalks concept, we invited Harald Cavalli‑Björkman, CMO at the Swedish biomaterials company re:newcell.

Re:newcell is a Stockholm/Kristinehamn based scale‑up that has invented a patented technology for recycling textile, creating their branded material called Circulose® that can replace other virgin materials in the textile production chain. Their technology makes it possible to re‑cycle, re‑use, and turn cotton or viscose textile into new high quality garments.

Closing the loop by recycling textile is a huge step towards making the fashion industry more sustainable and re:newcell is pushing for this loop to become closed sooner rather than later. Re:newcell had their first retail launch in March 2020 with H&M as the first brand to sell a product made with Circulose®. The launch marked the first time ever that a garment made with circular cotton became available to buy in physical and online stores globally.

A free reply of the episode is available through this link.

Tune in to hear re:newcell's story, current status – and plans for the future. Hope and inspiration is guaranteed – regardless if you're in the fashion business or not.


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