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Mainio digitizes its wholesale to strengthen global retail presence

The Finnish kids-wear brand Mainio has flipped the switch to completely digitize their wholesale operations on the brand-focused e-commerce platform Centra’s digital showroom.

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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Facing the challenges of the pandemic, the Finnish kids‑wear brand Mainio has flipped the switch to completely digitize wholesale operations on the brand‑focused ecommerce platform Centra’s digital showroom. The goal is to expand the brand’s wholesale business, which currently accounts for 60% of Mainio’s revenue. 

Helsinki‑based Mainio produces fashionable kids‑wear focused on sustainability and ethical production. The brand was founded in 2014 by Johanna Vaissi and Outi Mäkinen and has since then grown to become a global kidswear brand that is active in 20+ markets. To grow and serve global wholesale accounts efficiently, Mainio has now entered into a partnership with the brand‑focused e‑commerce platform Centra. Today, the brand’s wholesale branch accounts for 60% of the business – but the goal is to increase it through Centra’s digital showroom. 

“We are very eager to launch our new digital Showroom on Centra and see great opportunities to scale our wholesale business globally by switching to a wholesale e‑commerce model. After evaluating several other platforms, we decided to go with Centra as many of our resellers had praised their system for being best‑in‑class. Their flexible system is very easy to use, both for us and for our buyers”, says Johanna Vaissi, CEO at Mainio. 

Mainio’s goal going forward is to grow its international wholesale business. The brand sees strong interest in the US market and great potential to expand and increase sales in both Europe and Asia. 

“We are incredibly happy to get our collaboration with Mainio going. We’ve recently made a push into Finland, and Mainio is our first Finnish client, which makes it extra exciting. They have great potential to reach more global resellers through our digital showroom solution for wholesale”, says Martin Jensen, CEO at Centra.  

For more information, please contact: 

Johanna Vaissi, CEO at Mainio 

Martin Jensen, CEO at Centra
+46 (0) 70 339 23 55


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