Maya Delorez turns the (s)tables – rebuilds online store from the ground up

The equestrian rocket-ship Maya Delorez has rebuilt its e-commerce experience from the ground up – looks to disrupt the equestrian industry.

Ebba Swanberg

2 minutes

This week, one of the fastest growing DTC- brands in Sweden, Maya Delorez, launched a new digital flagship store. The site is built on the fashion and lifestyle geared e‑commerce platform Centra and designed by e‑commerce agency NoA Ignite.

Maya Delorez started the journey towards becoming the world’s largest and most innovative equestrian brand 3,5 years ago. Founder Madeleine Törnblom wanted to challenge the equestrian industry, which at the time was still very conservative in terms of appearance, product development, and digitalization. Today, Maya Delorez sells products to over 70 countries, and is approaching a record‑breaking year of sales. Annual revenue for 2021 is expected to hit 100 MSEK by the end of the year – with 100% of the brand's sales still running through

However, growing from 0‑100 MSEK in three years brings on challenges. As the business grew, so did technology‑driven limitations when trying to scale the brand globally. Performance, localization and design were three areas that needed an update if the brand was going to maintain its rapid growth‑pace and reach its goal of becoming a modern global force within the Equestrian industry.

In response to the challenges above, Maya Delorez teamed up with Centra and NoA Ignite to rebuild its e‑commerce experience from the ground up on the following tech stack: 

The new site went live last week, and has been built for growth and global scalability – hyper‑localized on Maya Delorez target markets Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, and the USA. 

"Growing fast is incredibly fun, but it also means that you have to be prepared to make tough decisions and not be afraid to change things up when necessary. This time, it was simply a matter of outgrowing our previous platform, which was difficult to scale internationally. Slowing down was not an option, so we decided to re‑build the whole thing – inside and out. Together with Centra and NoA Ignite, we’ve managed to build a site that represents Maya Delorez 2.0 and can now reach the same level of technical innovation in our digital channels that we feel we already have in our product range" says Madelene Törnblom, Founder and CEO of Maya Delorez.

Visit for the full experience.


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