Nudie Jeans doubles down on physical and digital retail presence

Nudie Jeans continues to expand both e-commerce and physical retail by launching new online flagship store together with a new flagship store in London. A strategy made possible through collaboration with the fashion geared e-commerce platform, Centra.

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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Nudie Jeans continues to expand both e‑commerce and physical retail by launching new online flagship store together with a new flagship store in London. A strategy made possible through collaboration with fashion geared e‑commerce platform, Centra.

Swedish denim innovators, Nudie Jeans have gone through a large digital transformation with great success in the past few years. The success is credited to a persistent focus on designing durable craft jeans, sustainability and a thorough digital reconstruction of the business – both online Direct‑to‑Consumer and wholesale. The company teamed up with fashion geared e‑commerce platform in 2015 to invest in driving sales through At the same time, they digitalized their wholesale business on Centra Showroom. Since then, their digital sales have grown exponentially, with 73% of total revenue coming from their digital channels. With 23% from their online flagship store at and 49% from their digital wholesale channel. Now, they’re continuing they’re growth by launching a new and improved online flagship store that went live on 54 individual markets globally last week. The new site is the result of a collaboration with fashion geared e‑commerce platfom Centra, and Gothenburg based design agency Aino. 

“One of the keys to our success is that we constantly work to improve and innovate ourselves in every part of our business and organization; from quality, durability, sustainability and design, to always being in the forefront of new technology that helps us grow and show other brands how a commercial business model can be combined with a strategy focused on sustainability. Through our cooperation with Centra, we’ve managed to build a site that is globally scalable and communicates who we are and what we stand for”, says Finn Stenberg, COO at Nudie jeans.

But the recent success of Nudie Jeans is also largely part of their ability to combine their digital business with their physical presence. By erasing the boundaries between digital and physical, they’ve managed to build a close relationship with their audience. As a result, they will continue to increase their physical presence by launching a new flagship store on Monmouth Street in Seven Dials, London. The combination of physical and digital presence is a strategic decision that focuses on being where their followers are – and to continue their strategy focused on sustainability.

"We pledge free lifetime repairs of our customers jeans. And when they get tired of their repaired jeans, we offer a 20% discount on a new pair. By doing so, we increase the total lifetime of our jeans, and let them continue to live on as a second hand item until they are recycled and become a new pair of Nudie Jeans in our new collection re‑birth. This creates a circular ecosystem for our customer relationships, and a rising lifetime value for our jeans. Together with Centra, we’ve created a platform that makes it easy to be a customer at Nudie jeans”, says Mathias Jonasson, Director of e‑commerce and retail at Nudie Jeans. 


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