PS of Sweden launches new DTC-experience and sets sights on new records

PS of Sweden is back on track after overcoming a few big hurdles during the pandemic. The brand is now growing faster than ever and will wrap up the year with record-breaking numbers.

Ebba Swanberg

1 minute

The Equestrian powerhouse, PS of Sweden, is back on track after a tough period of challenges during the pandemic. Shutdown factories and a massive backlog of orders are just a few of the hurdles which the brand has been forcer to deal with during 2020/2021. But now the tides have turned. A new factory is up and running, and a powerful e‑commerce experience has been built by Grebban on the DTC‑focused platform Centra. The new site is specifically localized to PS of Sweden's international target‑markets USA and Germany, and will be gradually rolled out with localized content on more markets throughout the year.

PS of Sweden expects to grow at an accelerated pace in the years to come, and promises to show some impressive results as they close the books for 2021 – currently forecast at 20 MEUR of annual revenue.

"The pandemic really slowed down our business. Actually, for short period it was completely halted when our factory suddenly shut down completely. It was hectic period to say the least. We had no other choice but to think outside the box and make a few tough business‑critical decisions. One of these decisions was completely abandoning our previous e‑commerce architecture for a new and improved foundation on Centra. We also took the opportunity to completely re‑design the frontend with Grebban while we were at it. Thanks to Centra’s scalable platform, we are now able to maintain a much closer relationship with our customers as we recover and fulfil delayed orders from last years mayhem. The delayed orders will be reflected in our results when we close the books for 2021. We promise some pretty impressive numbers", says Karin Bjärle, founder of PS of Sweden. 

The site has been built by Grebban on the following tech‑stack:

  • Frontend: React

  • CMS: Wordpress

  • CDN: Cloudfront

  • Emails & Newsletter: Rulemailer

  • Accelerator: GrebCommerce


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