STAND STUDIO launches digital flagship store on Centra

STAND STUDIO has launched a new digital flagship store built on Centra’s headless technology – looks to conquer the world through its own Direct-to-Consumer channels.

Ebba Swanberg

2 minutes

STAND STUDIO has solidified its place on the international fashion scene since founded in 2014. Since then, the brand has been praised by fashion bloggers and celebrities worldwide – where growth has been driven through carefully selected internationally renowned retailers such as NET‑A‑PORTER and Matchesfashion. Until now. STAND STUDIO is ready to take the next step towards becoming a global competitor in the Direct‑to‑Consumer space as well. To do so, they recently launched an edgy digital flagship store built on technology from Centra – the headless e‑commerce platform for global brands. The new store has been designed by the award‑winning e‑commerce agency NoA Ignite and built on the following tech‑stack:

  • Frontend: React & Next.js

  • E‑commerce platform: Centra

  • CMS: Wordpress

  • CDN: Cloudflare

  • Emails & Newsletter: Mailchimp

  • End‑to‑end delivery solution: DHL

STAND STUDIOs new digital‑first approach is a crucial part of the brands strategy to connect with a wider audience globally. The store features pixel‑perfect design, and is initially localized towards target markets in Europe, the UK and the USA.

"We are very excited about taking STAND STUDIO to new levels digitally, and have put a lot of work into the project to make sure our new site truly represents our brand. Thanks to outstanding technology from our platform partner Centra, and cutting‑edge design from our e‑commerce agency partners at NoA Ignite, we’ve now managed to build a digital flagship store that truly represents STAND STUDIO, and puts focus on the most important part of our brand – fashion and edgy design" says Nellie Kamras, CEO and founder of STAND STUDIO.

The new site is live on, and combines technology and design to give the visitor a seamless shopping experience. STAND STUDIO now looks to double sales through their own e‑commerce channels, YoY, in the next few years.


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