Stellar Equipment triples global sales and launches digital store in Japan

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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Stellar Equipment has had a very successful year so far – blasting past 100 MSEK in revenue where 75% of their sales come from markets outside of Sweden. Behind the success lies extensive investments in new technology, where switching platform and launching a new site on Centra is a central piece of the puzzle.

Stellar Equipment was founded five years ago but has already positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with on the global outdoor scene. After initially launching in the Nordics, Stellar Equipment soon realized the need for major technology investments to scale their business globally. As a result, they decided to completely restructure their technical architecture, where an investment in the headless Direct‑to‑Consumer platform Centra played a key role in the strategy of launching Stellar Equipment on multiple markets globally, and to build a best‑of‑breed e‑commerce store, tailored to their specific needs. Since then, Stellar Equipment has had a meteoric rise, surpassing 100 MSEK of revenue so far in 2020 while delivering over 90 000 products to over 30 000 customers worldwide. Last week they launched in Japan which makes the digital flagship store live on 40 markets globally – where 75% of sales come from markets outside of the Nordics. 

“Our recent success is a direct result of our clear strategy and focus, along with undergoing a complete update of our e‑commerce infrastructure that laid out the foundation for scaling our operations globally. With our previous setup, we were administering 12 individual stores. Now, we have one globally scalable store that is live on 40+ markets with local content on each and every market. We’ve had a close collaboration with Centra to build a technically efficient solution which empowers a small startup like Stellar Equipment to act as an agile company on a global level. The USA is already our second largest market, forecast to be our largest markets in Q1 2020. This is just the beginning of building Stellar Equipment into the world’s leading outdoor brand”, says Mikael Janerås, CSO at Stellar Equipment. 

Stellar Equipment will continue its expansion into new markets and look to be live on 50+ markets in early 2021, where extensive efforts are being put into activating markets in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand where winter hits when summer starts up north. 

 Mikael Janerås, CSO at Stellar Equipment continues:

“Our strategy has always focused on rolling out the mode that worked well for us in the Nordics on new international markets. This strategy has worked very well for is in the Alps and North America, where we will continue to expand. We are also putting a lot of resources into Asia, New Zealand and Australia to extend our season and capitalize on the winter in the southern hemisphere”


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