Centra is ready to conquer the global direct-to-consumer market

The Stockholm based e-commerce scaleup, Centra, is a powerful fashion geared e-commerce software that has had a great year so far. The company has shown an MRR growth of 50% so far and has an aggressive strategy for growth as they look to enter new, international markets in the near future.

Max Brennan
Max Brennan

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The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs Piotr Zaleski and Frans Rosen, who once ran high‑fashion jeans brand, Julian Red. On the way home from a trade show, they were discussing moving the brand online, but realized there were no platforms that served the needs of fashion buyers and brands. Right there and then, they made a pact to create the most powerful e‑commerce platform for brands on the market. 

Centra is a fairly young platform but has already added big clients such as Nudie Jeans, Lexington and Our Legacy amongst more than 100+ other fashion and lifestyle brands that are using their SaaS solution as the backbone of their digital e‑commerce operations. The platform offers a headless all‑in‑one e‑commerce platform for both Direct‑to‑Consumer and Digital Wholesale, allowing endless possibilities for design, integrations and global scalability. Now they look to scale up and have made some key recruitments for marketing, sales, and Customer Success to meet the increased demand.

Martin Jensen was appointed as new CEO in the end of 2017 and has big plans for the future of the company:

"We are ready to expand and enter new international markets. Our main focus moving forward is rapid growth. Our MRR has improved with over 50% so far in 2018 and we look to beat that number by a lot during 2019. Ultimately our goal is to become the go‑to e‑commerce software for global brands in the fashion and lifestyle industry", says Martin Jensen, CEO at Centra.

Diversifying from other e‑commerce platforms, Centra is geared towards brands in fashion and lifestyle, where they are one of a few competitors that are driving the market forward. And as the fashion and lifestyle retail industry is facing some major challenges when the market becomes more digital, Centra has a great opportunity to capture a big piece of the market.

Martin Jensen continues:

"The fashion and retail industry is experiencing a crucial shift towards digital. How well brands make this shift will determine whether they survive or not. Centra has a proven track record of successfully helping brands through this transition. We’ve also been very responsive to our clients when building the product which has created the ultimate ecommerce platform for brands within fashion and lifestyle. Now we look forward to successfully growing together with our current and future clients".

For more information contact Max Brennan, Lead PR and Marketing specialist at Centra @, +46 70 773 03 97.


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