Built‑in subscription ecommerce features for fashion and lifestyle brands

Add subscription-based revenue to your business. Sell through Centra’s native subscriptions to build and maintain lasting relationships with consumers.

Believe the hype.
Success stories of fashion and lifestyle brands that switched to Centra

Flexible subscription plans

Market one product with its variants in two modes – as a one-time purchase or as part of a subscription – and create complementary bundles to increase sales. Easily set up delivery intervals and custom discounts, and modify orders.

Convenient delivery intervals

Create different subscription plans with different delivery intervals, such as biweekly, monthly or quarterly, to adjust to consumers’ needs and boost order and lifetime value.

Consumer-friendly subscriptions

Let consumers manage their subscriptions from their account. Make it easy for consumers to pause, cancel or change their subscription, and update payment details if needed.

Smart grouping of subscription orders

Save money by automatically combining items from separate subscription orders into a single shipment.

Efficient management for failed orders

Identify and solve order issues resulting from out-of-stock products, product configuration errors or failed payments. Automatically repeat failed orders to deliver products to consumers as planned.

Smooth order fulfillment

See all customers with active subscriptions and get a clear overview of the order and payment status for smooth fulfillment.

Sell more and build predictable revenue streams.

Manage subscriptions natively in the ecommerce platform

Centra’s API-first architecture lets you set up subscriptions within the platform without installing additional apps or add-ons.

Lead the subscription commerce vanguard

Enter a largely untapped business sector by joining businesses that offer curation subscriptions.

Leverage up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Reward loyal customers with special discounts, and cross-sell or up-sell the products they love. Offer free or discounted shipping, gifts and discounts on select purchases.

Subscription ecommerce benefits.

Steady revenue streams

Create a reliable and steady revenue stream to help you predict demand and strategically plan your brand’s growth.

More convenient shopping

Let consumers freely combine regular and subscription products in one checkout, and choose preferred delivery intervals. Allow consumers to buy their favorite products without placing repeated orders.

Stronger consumer loyalty

Use subscriptions to make transactions easier for your customers, increase engagement, and make consumers return to your store.

Improved consumer lifetime value 

Customize your offering to increase satisfaction with your brand and reduce churn. Engage with consumers on a regular basis, allowing for steady and sustained business growth.

Effective inventory management

Optimize your inventory management with more predictable demand and supply. Plan your stock better to avoid overordering or overselling.