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Safira plans to aggressively expand outside the Nordics in 2022

The Swedish jewelry brand Safira recently launched a new online store on Centra and plans to grow significantly outside the Nordics through localized e-commerce experiences on 10+ markets in 2022.

Ebba Swanberg

2 minutes

The Swedish jewelry brand Safira plans to increase growth significantly outside the Nordics. The goal is to launch localized stores on around one market per month during 2022.

Safira went from being a pure multi‑brand retailer to becoming a brand in its own right – focusing entirely on selling direct‑to‑consumer back in 2018, and has since then had great success in selling their own designs in close collaboration with several well‑known influencers such as Angelica Blick, Petra Tungården and Ellinor Löfgren.

Today, the brand is well known in Sweden, Norway and Germany – and is now ready to push the brand outside the Nordic and German borders. Safira recently launched a new e‑commerce experience together with the e‑commerce platform Centra and design agency Grebban. The new site was put in place to strengthen the brand, and support its international Direct‑to‑Consumer expansion.

"We have high expectations for growth in the upcoming years. To achieve our goals, we'll be going all‑in on establishing our brand on multiple new markets in 2022. Our plan is to test‑launch in one new market a month during the coming six months, and after that to continue working actively with the markets that provide the best results. Scandinavia and nearby markets such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France are low‑hanging fruit, but we also see great potential in other European markets such as Austria and Poland. Our conversion rate has already gone up by 20% since our new site went live a couple of months ago, which looks very promising as we enter this new phase of expansion", says Mikaela Jansson, CMO at Safira.

Despite the fact that Safira used to run two physical stores, e‑commerce has always been the brands strongest channel. Today, the brand sells 100% through its own channels, and plans to keep it that way.

"We’ve had a long‑term plan to go from being a hybrid retailer to only selling our own products direct‑to‑consumer. The need to update our e‑commerce architecture has grown steadily alongside our companies growth, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2021 that we started working on the project for real. We came from a monolithic platform that required spending lot of time and resources on underlying maintenance and updates. The solutions we have in place today make us both agile and cost‑effective in our daily work, which is crucial to stay relevant in the fast‑moving market of today" concludes Andreas Karlsson, CTO at Safira.


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